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Egyptian International

for poultry feed and feed additives

Title .. for quality

Our feed gives the best productivity at the lowest cost

Pioneers of manufacturing, marketing & selling poultry feed & feed additives (liquid and powder)

Free Range Chicken Farm

Scientific researches

The company provides various types of fattening feed (adulter, raw, and naughty), which depend in its composition on the latest scientific research which takes into account the needs of poultry for all the basic elements necessary to build the body of the bird, which leads to the best results.

White Chicken

The best productivity at the lowest cost

Our feed gives the best productivity at the lowest cost, as the bird weighs more than 2200 grams at the age of 35 days - Egyptian International feed gives the highest growth rates.

Ready to export

The company has taken the direction of the state in local manufacturing and reducing the need for import, and the company is working to turn to export after meeting the needs of the local market.

High quality feed ingredients

All Egyptian International Feed consists of high quality ingredients, such as:

Yellow corn - extruded soybean seeds 35% - Soybean meal 46% - limestone powder - mono-calcium phosphate - sodium bicarbonate - table salt - mixed vitamins and minerals (fattening premix) - D. L. Methionine - L. Lysine - L. Threonine

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